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Please join us and Urban Sweat on Saturday, September 30th for some community building! We will be hosting a morning of Cold Water Immersion to help raise money for the Rally Foundation and childhood cancer research.  Charley and the Chance family are the WHY behind our fundraisers. 


CWI can have some amazing health benefits such as: 

  • decrease inflammation
  • offer a huge rush of endorphins,
  • spike dopamine
  • improve sleep and mood
  • reduce stress
  • help remedy aches and pains
  • boost injury recovery
  • reduce swelling
  • potentially increase testosterone
  • promote lymphatic drainage
  • regulate hormones
  • accelerate metabolism


So come out and get some great health benefits for yourself while helping children in need improve their health. 


FYI ...This is a BRING YOUR OWN TOWEL event.



Exposing the body to drastic temperature change as when hopping into an ice bath is stressful for the body. It’s especially tough on the circulatory system, which encompasses the heart, blood vessels, and lymph system. For this reason, people with heart, blood pressure, and other circulatory issues shouldn’t try cold water therapy without checking with their doctor first

Cold Water Immersion for a Cure

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